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Speed Dating
(Room 355)

What to expect

Come build your confidence and meet new people as we break the world record for the largest speed dating event! But don't panic yet--with engaging prompts and getting-to-know-you activities, this will be the best first date you've had in ages! 

Take a break from the dates to enjoy The Art of Dating Podcast's presentation of The Dos and Don'ts of First Dates with hosts Ryan Eggett and Kayla Greer. 

How it works

When you arrive for a speed dating session, you'll find a spot in the room to get started! Each "speed date" will last two minutes. In that time, you'll have some suggested questions available to help you get started. Once the time is up, you'll talk with the next person. The session will last for one hour. 


1:00 pm - Speed Dating Round 1

2:30 pm - Speed Dating Round 2

4:00 pm - Speed Dating Round 3

5:30 pm - Ryan Eggett - Dating Workshop: Host of The Art of Dating Podcast

7:00 pm - Speed Dating Round 4

8:30 pm - Speed Dating Round 5

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