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Podcasts Now!
(Room 251)

What to expect

Join your favorite social media creators as they share the stage with Church leaders to discuss topics that are important to YOU. Six 30-minute studio-recording sessions cover a wide range of subjects throughout the day. Stay after each session for a chance to "meet and mingle" with guests in the Meet & Mingle Room (Room 250).

Preach My Gospel

How do I stand as a witness of Christ in complex times?

1:00 PM

The Preach My Gospel podcast and media page exist to help anyone interested in joining the cause to Gather Israel.

With Guests:

Brother Bradley R Wilcox.jpeg

Sister Amy A. Wright

Sister Andrea Muñoz Spannaus

Brother Bradley R. Wilcox

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True Millenial Logo earth[83].jpg

True Millenials

Are temple covenants really that important: Church leaders answer questions about the purposes of temples, ordinances, and covenants, wearing temple garments, and our relationship with the Savior.

2:30 PM

The “True Millennial” youtube channel and instagram page is based on President Nelson's talk "Become True Millennials" where he redefines the word "Millennial" or more specifically a "True Millennial" as a disciples of Christ, one who prepare themselves & others for the millennial reign of our Savior. As a Millennial, I wanted to carry on the prophet's redefinition to the world by inviting all (not just millennials) to become TRUE millennials through content that inspires others to prepare themselves and others for Christ's second coming.

With Guests:

Hugo Martinez.jpeg

Sharon Eubank

Elder Hugo Martinez


Miracles in the mess

4:00 PM

RVVL is where we talk about the timely and timeless truths that jumpstart our hearts into living relevant faith

With Guests:


Sister Kristin M. Yee

Elder Brian K. Taylor

RVVL Revival.jpg

Saints Unscripted

How learning about Church history refines faith and can bring you closer to Jesus Christ.

5:30 PM

Saints Unscripted is a Latter-day Saint talk show that aims to share the gospel by combining faith and scholarship with humor and authenticity. They have published about 1,000 videos on their YouTube channel so far, addressing a wide range of topics related to Church culture, doctrine, and history (especially the controversial stuff). They regularly feature excellent guests (scholars, leaders, converts, etc.) who are passionate about Jesus Christ and the restoration of the gospel.

With Guests:

Susan Porter.jpeg
Anette Outdoor.jpg

President Susan H. Porter

President Mark L. Pace

Sister J. Anette Dennis

Let's Get Real

Let’s talk about mental health and how to develop emotional resilience through Jesus Christ.

7:00 pm

Let's Real with Stephen Jones is a Scripture Central Original series that shares stories, tactics ("holy habits"), and routines of real people from a variety of different backgrounds who have and are successfully navigating life's most common questions and challenges. The show extracts the teachings and principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the audience in concrete ways to apply in their lives. The show covers a wide range of topics all through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With Guests:


Sister Tamara W. Runia

Elder William K. Jackson

Reyna I. Aburto

Let's Get Real Logo[95].jpg

This is Kingdom

Learning to navigate the balance of love and law as a young adult.

8:30 PM

This Is Kingdom is a relevant faith podcast for youth and young adults, reviewing past conference talks, talking about Jesus, how He shows up in your story, and what building the kingdom looks like.

With Guests:

Sister Camille N Johnson Headshot.jpeg

Elder Kevin W. Pearson

President Camille N. Johnson

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