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How to play: Kubb


  • Set up the court with 5 kubbs standing lined up in a row on one side, and 5 kubbs in a row on the other side. The King kubb is set up in the middle between the two sides.

  • Determine who goes first by each team throwing a dowel at the king kubb to see who can get the closest to the king (without knocking it over).

  • Whichever team goes first will then take the dowels and throw them underhand, end-over-end, at the opposing team’s kubbs. They must throw them from their baseline (whichever kubb is closest to the opposing team). The object of the game is to knock over all of the opposing team’s kubbs before they knock over yours.

  • If a kubb is successfully knocked over, the opposing team will then pick up that kubb and toss it to the other side. Wherever that kubb lands is where it will be stood up and that team will now have to knock over that kubb before they can knock over any of the kubbs in their original baseline. (wherever the kubb lands is where the opposing team now gets to throw from)

  • If kubb blocks tossed onto the opposing team’s field do not make it within the field boundary in two tries, the opposing team may put the block wherever they want.

  • If two or more kubb blocks come in contact with each other, the blocks must be stacked. 

  • Once one team is able to successfully knock over all their kubb blocks, they then have to knock over the king kubb in the middle of the court. If the king kubb is knocked over before a team has cleared all their baseline blocks the other team immediately wins. (similar to the 8-ball in pool)

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